Poplar Place Farm January Horse Trials


Team Geven had a great start this weekend. Werner was riding 6 horses and we had some great team work going! Aidan Reese worked so hard to get it all organized, Marjolein, Mikensey Johansen, Lily Barlow and Patricia,Lydia Kennedy, Erica Franklin and Emma, were all either grooming, braiding and/or lunging. Mikki Johansen, Carrie Mostellar Kennedy, and Woody, were doing all they can to fix Werners back problem (due to an earlier fall this week when his spurs got caught in a horse’s tail when mounting). After Werner’s first showjumping round he was in too much pain and had to withdraw on all his horses :-(( Sorry guys! We appreciate all your help and support! He will be there to support all other team Geven riders this weekend and lets hope for a quick recovery cause our next show is in 2 weeks!! Go Team Geven!!